By Mike Pomranz
Updated March 06, 2018
Credit: © iStockphoto

Last week, while many were celebrating the new food emojis we have gained—huge leaps for mankind, including the taco, the hot dog and the bottle of Champagne—others decided to lament the emojis that are still waiting for their moment of glory.

Over the summer, the Unicode Technical Committee, a.k.a. the gatekeepers of the emoji, finalized the 67 candidates proposed to be added as part of Unicode 9.0, scheduled for release in June of 2016. Thirteen of those proposed emojis fall into the food category: croissant, avocado, cucumber/pickle, bacon, potato, carrot, baguette, green salad, shallow pan of food, stuffed flatbread, clinking glasses, tumbler glass and spoon.

However, guaranteed approval of these emojis or their exact release date is not set in stone. A meeting of the UTC in May 2016 will finalize whether these candidates will be accepted (because this is definitely the kind of process that needs multiple meetings over the course of a year to sort out). And even then, a June release doesn’t mean the emojis will immediately be available for use. In discussing when an avocado emoji might arrive, Jeremey Burge, who runs Emojipedia, told Food52, “the absolute soonest we could see the avocado emoji hit our phones is mid-2016, when this next update is approved. That does rely on an update from Apple, which tends to come later in the year—around September or October.”

Yes, an avocado emoji on your iPhone could be nearly a year away—assuming it gets final approval at all. The same goes for food staples like bacon and the cucumber/pickle. I’m most worried about that last one. Are cucumbers and pickles so closely related that we can lump them into one emoji? Who knows how many meetings over how many years it might take to sort that one out.