pink pegasus frap
Credit: Arielle Cifuentes

If you've been mourning the short-lived existence of the Unicorn Frappucino (or, if you're a barista, celebrating its absence), we've got news for you: There are plenty of other creations on the way for you to hate/love. And a few of them have already arrived.

First up, the magically green "Dragon Frappuccino." Some claim it's an off-the-menu item, others report that it's being called a "store exclusive," and others still have yet to see any signs of it (most of us fall into that last category). But we're pretty sure the green tea based drink with vanilla bean powder and a "berry swirl" does exist. There's photo evidence, anyway; it's already taking over Instagram just as its predecessor did. So, if you want one and the store you're in doesn't seem to offer it, try listing off the ingredients and seeing what happens.

(Apologies in advance to baristas nationwide.)

There's also been talk of a white mocha and raspberry frap dubbed "Pink Pegasus," but that's being billed as a store exclusive by one Starbucks in Downtown Disney in Anaheim, California.

"The Unicorn may have sped away, but we have the Downtown Disney Store Exclusive Pink Pegasus Frappuccino while supplies last!!" the store in question captioned their Instagram of a chalkboard sign announcing the drink's arrival.

Still, the elusive drink has been spotted at more than one store, so that "exclusive" label may not mean much. According to Instagrammers who've found and consumed the pink drink, it tastes like strawberry shortcake.

"This is what the Unicorn Frap SHOULD have tasted like," wrote one user.

We'll have to wait and see if these sugary concoctions make their way to Starbucks stores near us. In the meantime, no need to send us any; we're satisfied just staring at the photos. Really.