By FWx Editors
Updated January 12, 2016

Everyone get your taste buds ready for some of the wackiest, wildest and most difficult to place flavors out there. Snack giant Lay's is testing some new chips and they’re…hard to define. Lay's announced today that at the end of the month they would reveal four new flavors, but in the meantime they would drop riddles that contained the answer like this one:

Unlike the outlandish results of their Do Us a Flavor contest (Biscuits and Gravy, Reuben-flavored chips, Greektown Gyro) Lay's will base the flavors this month on the company’s food forecast for the coming year, which focuses on three points:

- Asian spices (specifically Indian and Japanese)

- Specialty cheeses (no more American cheese-flavored chips!)

- Floral flavors in food

We got a box of mystery chips delivered to the FWx offices today and sampled all the unlabeled bags and here’s a smattering of guesses from our lunchtime chip eating session.

Flavor 1
“Pretty sure this is grilled cheese and tomato soup

Flavor 2
“It’s like they smoked a sour cream and onion chip”

Flavor 3
“This is just a pepper chip right?”

Flavor 4
I’d say it’s rosemary, but that can’t be it. It’s probably chicken soup”

Flavor 5

Flavor 6

"Ramen. It tastes like ramen broth"
“I’d say teriyaki goat jerky”

Flavor 7
Pink. Pink is a flavor.”

Flavor 8
“Ghost pepper. Now is the time it would be getting a chip.”

Those are our early guesses. We’re not sure they have much to do with the riddle, but hey, we trust our tongues. You can get your own guess in by tweeting using #lays and #entry. If you get it right, you could even win $1000.