By Farrah Shaikh
Updated March 31, 2016
Credit: Instagram User @baligam

The food world is like Hollywood, when there is a lull in creativity the solution is to just take two already popular concepts and mash them together—Batman and Superman, Alien and Predator, hot tubs and time machines. Well introducing the Alien vs Predator of the food world: The Sushi Burger.

Two delicious foods find themselves harmoniously smashed together. The sushi roll as burger starts with fish as the burger, ginger as the tomato, then two rice patties become the bun garnished with sesame seeds and avocado. The stunning culinary creation found its way onto Instagram allowing us to drool over the mash-up marvel. But we do have to question the logistics of eating such a spectacle in the traditional burger manner. Will the rice fall apart in your hands? Is it sticky? Regardless, we want one and we want it now.

The wonderful people at took the time to show the world how to create such a fishy masterpiece and the hashtag #sushiburger has given us over 2400 food porn pics to gawk at (although many are repeats). Is the Sushi Burger available to consume outside of the internet? Yes, but you have to work for it. Japan’s MOS Burger has been serving one since the ’80’s and J’s Café in Melbourne Australia has blessed those down under with a soft shell crab version. But no dedicated vendors just yet in the States. We give it a few days.