Can't. Look. Away.

By Rebekah Lowin
Updated May 23, 2017
vegetable dress designed by Katy Perry's costume designer
Credit: Courtesy of of Taylor Herring / GREGGS

It's kind of hard to get people excited about salad. I mean, it's salad.

So you can't really blame salad sellers for or going a little over-the-top with their marketing campaigns. That's precisely what's going on with Greggs, a hugely popular fast-casual bakery chain in the U.K. The chain is just now introducing a new line of summer salads to their menu—including a coconut, lime, and chili chicken salad and a cheese, tomato, and basil pasta salad—and in order to better acquaint the public with these new offerings, they went all-out. They dressed women in veggies.

That's right: Models clothed head to toe in lettuce leaves, peppers, and cabbages strutted their plant-based stuff down several popular London streets, including Regent Street and Carnaby Street. And "head to toe" is no exaggeration: Most of the models showed off flamboyant, towering veggie hats and some even sported pairs of veggie-studded shoes. We're sure vegetarians and hungry onlookers alike were thrilled...or, at the very least, entertained. After all, as silly as the entire concept is, the resulting dresses are surprisingly beautiful works of art. Together, they took about 200 hours to create, and even Kate Tabor, the mastermind behind many of Katy Perry's outfits, was involved as one of the designers.

weird vegetable clothes
Credit: Courtesy of of Taylor Herring / GREGGS

With a whopping 5,000 lettuce leaves, 200 cabbages, 150 chillies and 150 peppers used in the creation process, it's clear that Greggs is super excited about these new salad options. There were even garlic clove sashes and lettuce shoulder pads, all sewn together with string.

If you happen to be in the U.K. anytime soon, you can grab one of the new salads at one of their 1,800 shops. If not, you can just stare at these mindblowing photos...and then go off and make one yourself.