Credit: @rubysriwall

It takes a special kind of ice cream shop for flavors like Banana Curry, Salt and Pepper Pine Nut, and Szechuan Peppercorn Chocolate to not be the most intimidating items on the menu. But, at Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream in lower Manhattan, unexpected flavor combinations are just the tip of the iceberg. The newest flavor might be the most deliciously alarming yet: Coconut Ash flavor, a jet-black ice cream made with real charcoal.

This isn't the familiar greyish black of black sesame ice cream or the dark brown of a rich chocolate. Nope, this is straight-up obsidian. Like, it might be the first ice cream in history that would actually look kind of appropriate at a funeral. Activated charcoal, the substance that gives the ice cream its intimidating darkness, is associated with a lot of health benefits, since it helps with the adsorption of toxins. And no, that's not just a misspelling of absorption. Adsorption is the process whereby molecules stick to some other substance.

Morgenstern's is pretty much crushing it on the awesome ice cream creations. Past menu items have included an ice cream hot dog for the Fourth of July and a Panda Panda Panda cone (featuring Coconut Ash accents) for their Kanye week.

So we know that the Coconut Ash ice cream looks cool (and kind of creepy), but how does it taste? Well, if 400+ Instagram users are to be believed, pretty damn good. It's been described as "Just the right amount of sweetness", "Totally worth the (long) wait", "totally BOMB", and "#yummyummyinmytummy". Since it's not uncommon for the wait at Morgenstern's to be an hour or more, the ice cream sure as hell better be good.