By Lawrence Marcus
Updated June 23, 2015

On a chilly November day last year, WD-50 closed its doors for good. Today, we're still not over it. Wylie Dufresne's Lower East Side restaurant brought mad-scientist molecular gastronomy to New York and set in motion the culinary gears that produced today's elite dining landscape. Without WD-50's ice cream bagels and deep-fried cubes of Hollandaise sauce, we wouldn't have many restaurants we love today. Christina Tosi, Mario Carbone, Dave Arnold, and Alex Stupak are just a few of the innovative culinary minds who graduated from the kitchen, and Dufresne has been called brilliant by David Chang, Daniel Humm, Daniel Patterson and René Redzepi.

Just before WD-50 closed, TIME sent a great documentary team into the kitchen. Watch the brand new video to hear how it all started and watch how it ended with a blowout final dinner. It'll get you excited for the new, as-yet unnamed place that Dufresne just announced he'll open next year.

The master at work.