Hometown brands Wawa and Dunkin' have announced competing offers to celebrate, and it's not even a fair fight.
wawa coffee reserve
Credit: The Washington Post / Getty Images

Whatever happens out on the field in Minneapolis this Sunday, there's one call we're already quite comfortable making—when it comes to the coffee brands favored by Eagles fans (Wawa, obviously) and Patriots supporters (who else but Dunkin'), Philadelphia just took home the prize, and it wasn't even a fair fight.

Seriously—who's going to be able to compete with free coffee?

On Super Bowl Sunday, all across the Mid-Atlantic region, java will be flowing from the taps at Wawa's many stores, all the way up until game time; stop in, grab a cup, drive a mile down the road, grab another cup—repeat until palpitations set in, we guess?

The announcement must have come as a giant blow to Dunkin', which just hours earlier had announced what they probably thought was a very nice promotion—medium coffees for 52 cents each at Philadelphia-area stores all week long, leading up to Sunday. (You have to be enrolled in the DD Perks program, you are only allotted one per day, and we're scratching our heads trying to figure out why they aren't offering something similar in New England this week.)

Whatever buzz they got, hopefully Dunkin' enjoyed it, because right now, all everyone's talking about is Wawa's winning offer. The game day freebie comes on the heels of some exciting coffee-related developments at the popular convenience store chain; a quiet rollout of a new Wawa Reserve program put a limited-edition, Kenya AA coffee in all Wawa stores, which is something of a game-changer for gas station coffee, to say the least. Go in and try it out, if you haven't—it's quite good.

But wait, because there's more coffee-related excitement in Philadelphia this week. Local roaster ReAnimator has released its special Foles-gers blend, celebrating Eagles QB Nick Foles—Eagles fans, or anyone who likes coffee, can order online, or stop into one of ReAnimator's very good Philadelphia cafes. And if you're in the market for a donut, because who isn't, stop by one of six Federal Donuts locations around town—here, they've got a very popular Iggle donut, glazed in a rather intense Kelly green, showered in "Philadelphia grit," and made with (naturally) lots of "brotherly love." Proceeds—from both the donut and ReAnimator's special coffee blend—go to a good cause, supporting Philadelphia's schools.