Here’s how to order these spooky treats.

Graveyard Smash
Credit: Courtesy of Wawa

Wawa is beloved by many for its hoagies (there’s even a song about them), and its variety of convenience items from snacks to coffee. But superfans of the chain know that sometimes there’s more to the Wawa menu than meets the eye. That’s certainly the case this Halloween as Wawa has a few frightfully fun treats lurking just out of sight from the casual customer.

To celebrate the spookiest of seasons, Wawa has rolled out three menu items that require a little know-how to order. According to Philly Voice, the secret menu consists of a trio of beverages that are appropriately Halloween-themed. The first is a Graveyard Smash—a variation on the classic worms and dirt dessert—consisting of crushed cookies, chocolate sauce, and vanilla ice cream blended together and topped with whipped cream, cookie pieces, and gummy worms. The second is a tribute to vampires, the Fang-o Mango, which is a mango smoothie that features a drizzle of chocolate around the cup and a pool of blood-red strawberry sauce on top. Finally, there’s the Franken-Mint Macchiato, a minty espresso drink topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and cookie bits.

The way you access the secret menu isn’t by knowing some password or reciting some bone-chilling incantation in the middle of the store. Instead, head over to the self-ordering kiosk. There, you’ll see the usual slate of Wawa items to choose from. But if you look closely in the corner, you’ll find a pumpkin icon with the Wawa goose logo on it. Tap that and you’ll have unlocked all of the ghoulish delights Wawa is offering as part of this promotion.

Wawa’s first secret menu rolled out for Wawa Day back in April of this year, when the chain celebrated its 54th anniversary. That menu included appropriately birthday-themed treats, like a birthday cake milkshake and a birthday cake smoothie. Another popped up in June that featured an all-rainbow array of options. It seems the success of its not-so-secret secret menu means you’ll be seeing more of these specialty items popping up in Wawas around the region (assuming you know where to look).