Here's how to find it.


If you're a Wawa fan, we don't need to convince you to stop by one of the convenience store chain's many East Coast locations. But if you do need some enticing, how about a cup of free coffee? Wawa is celebrating it's anniversary with its annual Wawa Day coffee giveaway this Thursday, April 12 (find out more about that here), but if even the prospect of a free cup of joe has you yawning and saying "impress me," how does a secret Wawa menu sound?

If you're thinking this secret menu is going to be anything like In-N-Out's in-the-know items, like ordering already on-the-menu items like your burger Animal or Protein Style, it's a bit different. Wawa's mysterious menu has to be discovered and unlocked inside the store before you can order from it. Before you start clearing shelves, tipping over potato chip displays and going on a wild goose chase, we'll give you a hint as to where you should start your quest: The touchscreen ordering kiosk.

However, once there, you should continue the goose chasing. That is, you'll need to locate the Wawa goose loco in the bottom lefthand corner of the screen. Tap it and you'll see a combination lock animation that opens to reveal a couple of off-menu items for you to enjoy, as this video from Philadephia news outlet Billy Penn shows:

So what's on this secret menu? As a nod to Wawa's 54th anniversary, there's a Birthday Cake Milkshake and a Birthday Cake Smoothie available in 16-ounce and 24-ounce sizes. According to Billy Penn, the secret menu has been up and running in at least some locations since the beginning of the month, but since Wawa Day is only once a year it's only available for a limited time. A Wawa representative confirms that the secret menu will only be hidden inside the kiosks through May 6.