The track was recently unearthed on "The Tonight Show."
Wawa Hoagies
Credit: Courtesy of Wawa

People who shop at Wawa love Wawa. Just ask any Philadelphian (who isn't a Sheetz fan) about the convenience store chain, and they're more than likely to start singing its praises. And for one very dedicated rapper, that singing turned into an entire song. During last night's episode of The Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon introduced the audience to some very real songs by very real artists that fans had sent in. Among the not-quite-hits were a sultry track called "Here Kitty Kitty," a song about Internet culture called "Meme Machine," and a song called "Love" with questionable spelling/rhythmic choices. The final song in the lineup is from Philadelphia-based rapper Aaron Out entitled "Wawa Hoagies."

The track is an homage to the convenience store chains sandwiches, and, along with its crunchy beat and ethereal whistling refrain, has a super catchy chorus:

I'm eatin' Wawa hoagies,
I'm eatin' Wawa hoagies,
I need a Wawa hoagie,
Should I get turkey, roast beef, or bologna?

If that little taste has you hungry for the entire song, you're in luck: Aaron Out's full-length tribute to Wawa's sandwiches is on YouTube complete with a music video shot in a Wawa store. The lyrics tell the story of, what I assume, is a common situation: ordering a Wawa hoagie at 4 a.m. while intoxicated. It happens to the best of us. The rest of the song extolls all of the virtues of Wawa, from its 24/7 operating hours to its coffee selection, to its charitable ventures and gasoline sales. Yup, it's all in there. Check it out for yourself.

(Warning: Some lyrics and imagery may by NSFW, so throw on your headphones and hid in another browser tab to jam out.)

It's fitting Wawa should have an anthem for its hoagies, since it was recently named the number one sandwich chain in the country. That's according to a survey that ranked the top fast food joints in the country based on customer satisfaction in categories like burgers, chicken, and tacos, and sandwiches. Wawa came out on top, besting the Subways and Jimmy John's out there. So clearly, for Wawa fans, that's something to sing about.