You can even show off your Wawa dance moves to win prizes.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated June 20, 2019
Wawa Hoagiefest
Credit: Courtesy of Wawa

Though the way we consume music has changed significantly from the heyday of terrestrial radio, people still talk about “the song of the summer” — that one inescapable tune that defines the warm weather months if only because you can’t avoid hearing it blaring out of rolled down car windows. In the past, it’s been hits from the likes of Rihanna or Katy Perry or Carly Rae Jepsen — and for 2019, I’ve got a good feeling that the soundtrack to your beach parties and barbecues will probably be coming from… Wawa?

On June 24, beloved Pennsylvania-based convenience store chain Wawa will once again begin its annual celebration of Mid-Atlantic-style sandwiches: Hoagiefest. But though East Coasters may be familiar with this yearly promotion featuring special discounts — specifically $3 for Juniors, $4 for Shortis, and $5 for Classics — this year Wawa is trying out something the 55-year-old market has never done before: Wawa music videos.

Wawa has dropped four tunes in total (all from a different “artist”): “H.O.A.G.I.E.F.E.S.T” from The Meatball Mann and Shorti K, “Love at the Wawa” from Shorti K and Prov-Alone, “Ya Ya” from The Secret Menus, and “I95” from T-Junior. As an added bonus, those final three songs all have an official music video which the brand will be sharing on YouTube and other social channels. You can watch videos and grab a link to the Spotify playlist on Wawa’s website. But here’s a preview of all three:

“Ya Ya” even comes with its own Hoagiefest dance, and Wawa explains, “From June 24 through July 18, fans can share their version of the Hoagiefest Ya Ya video signature dance moves for a chance to win themed prize packs and be included in the final wrap-up music video at the end of the season.”

“The songs are appropriate for hoagie lovers of all ages but with a warning to consumers — the touch screen ‘Extra Cheese’ button was purposely pushed while making some of these fun summertime songs!” Wawa writes, referencing an option on their sandwich ordering kiosks.

This year’s Hoagiefest runs from June 24 to August 11 in all Mid-Atlantic Wawa stores and Washington, DC. The songs, however, will be stuck in your head forever.