By Clara Olshansky
Updated March 25, 2016

You're about to feel really great and not be sure why. This video of tomatoes being un-chopped is totally mesmerizing. Apparently, it can induce an ASMR, or an autonomous sensory meridian response, which is that tingly feeling you get when the sight or sound of something is incredibly satisfying. (Wikipedia calls it a "low-grade euphoria."). A video of tomatoes being chopped in reverse to make it appear like the knife is putting it back together feels like magic.

Maybe it's because the tomato slices are so wonderfully fine. Maybe it's because the sound is like the audio equivalent of getting your head scratched. Maybe it's because of that magical moment when you get to the last slice of one of the tomatoes, and it becomes wonderfully whole.

If you find the experience of watching this video totally mesmerizing, check out the other ASMR videos by it creators, Wryfield Lab. You can watch a tangerine be magically unpeeled, as its segments reattach to one another. You can watch the tessellated page of a coloring book be gradually uncolored. Or watch up-close swirls of soap bubbles ooze, drip, and catch the light in totally amazing ways.

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