Not that I am an expert in The Hunger Games, but for me one thing that’s always been lacking is the actual hunger. The title is a giant sham. Where’s the emphasis on eating?

The crazy people over at PistolShrimp must have thought the same thing because using a little wordplay and a lot of editing they decided to put some real hunger into The Hunger Games. All it took was finding times where Katniss called out to her District 12 cohort Peeta and then inserting imagery of literal pitas into the shots. As a result, the movies no longer portray a budding romance, but instead one woman’s lust for the Mediterranean bread.

I think it would be pretty cool to see the filmmakers implement this change throughout the entire franchise. Hell, they already scammed moviegoers by splitting the last book into two films. Why not make four more with a greater focus on falafel?