Is it blue and black or is it white and gold? That is the question your irritating coworker would not stop asking you about The Dress way back in the salad days of early 2015. Get ready, those conversations are about to start again. CharlotteSometimes, a YouTuber with just a couple of videos to her name posted a short clip called “Color changing cake icing technique.” As she spins a brightly colored cake around in a circle, its colors transform from blue to green to yellow.

Unlike The Dress, the appearance of which was determined primarily by differences in the brain of the person looking at it (and was totally white and gold guys), there is a more deliberate technique involved the color changing cake. Commenters claiming to be familiar with the process say it is done by creating ridged layers of frosting and then airbrushing different sides of the ridges. As redditor Mellor88 says, “The surface is like a zig-zag. All sides facing left are colored with the first set of colors, and all side facing right colored the opposite. The color you see depends on where you stand.”

Sounds reasonable enough, but we’re pretty sure CNN will have “experts” fighting about this for 20 minutes in primetime by next week.

[h/t Reddit]