Japanese culture has a soft spot for tiny things, but they aren’t the only ones. In fact, we’d say if you don't find tiny things adorable and fascinating, then you probably also don't know joy.

Thankfully when it comes to loving both food and frivolous miniatures, the YouTube channel Miniature Space is here to serve up both. Unlike the popular trend of Konapun cooking, which uses a seaweed powder to create very realistic but very inedible small foods, the people behind Miniature Space (who are very difficult to pin down) use itty bitty pots, pans and sharpened knives, and what appears to be a Sterno-like substance to cook up their less-than-bite-size treats.

Even more impressive in their latest edition is that they whip up a batter (which is hard enough to do in a normal-size bowl without making a mess) and heat up oil hot enough to fry some very adorable corn dogs. There's almost a Zen quality to the way they present the small-scale demonstration, which includes no music or narration and leaves in some of the struggles of using elfin utensils with human hands.

Take a look, but don't blame us if you spend the rest of the day watching them roll ridiculously cute sushi.