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This is what soda withdrawal looks like.

Clara Olshansky
Updated May 23, 2017

Sure, a can of Coke seems pretty harmless, but this chilling video reminds us that actually caffeine is still a drug, even when it's fizzy and in a colorful can. The video, Coke Habit is a short, animated documentary, telling the story of Mike, a sixteen-year-old who didn't realize how addicted to Coca-Cola he was until he suddenly had to quit.

The video takes us through Mike's Coke history, from when he first would sneak extra sips of Coke as a child through when he was a 10th grader drinking as many as 8 cans in a day. When his Mom made him quit—it's not easy to keep up with the dental bills of someone who drinks more in Coke than most people drink in water—he started having awful migraines. Though even the migraines weren't as bad as the migraine medicine's side effects.

Coke Habit was created by the production studio Dress Code. They wanted to try doing an animated documentary, and the story itself comes from their editor Mike Cook, the Mike in the video. As Dress Code's Dan Covert and Andre Andreev explain, " The seed for Coke Habit started with an off-the-cuff story our editor Mike told us about on set...The story was so unique and specific that we felt it could only be told through animation." Sure enough, the video, animated in Coca-Cola's red, white, and black, really makes Mike's story come to life. You can watch it here.