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A restaurant in Omaha has taken embracing negative Yelp reviews to the next level, using the words of people who bashed their establishment online and turning them into dramatic readings on YouTube.

Not that Block 16 isn’t respected in Omaha—it has a solid four-and-a-half-star Yelp rating on 158 reviews. But their “farm-to-table street food” has garnered a handful of very negative comments. Not content to just sit idly by while a few snarky reviewers take jabs at their restaurant, Block 16 has shot snarky fire back at the reviewers, posting what now stands at eight episodes of dramatic review-reading to their YouTube channel.

Whether this tactic will remedy the situation by putting rude patrons in their place or exacerbate the negative effect by encouraging potential reviewers to try to be the next YouTube video script, it does bolster the argument that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Take a look: