Watch President Trump Make Meatloaf on a Vintage Martha Stewart Episode

He's loved meatloaf for a while, it seems.

Donald Trump Meatloaf
Photo: © Martha Stewart

President Donald Trump doesn’t just love to push meatloaf on White House lunch companions, he knows how to make it—and what to do with the leftovers, too.

Following New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s recent reveal that Trump pressured him into lunching on the classic American comfort food during his visit to the White House earlier this week, we looked into exactly how much of a meatloaf fan the President really is—and turned up a pair of vintage clips from an episode of Martha. (Watch the clips here and here.)

In the episode, which aired in 2005, the current First Couple stand side by side, getting their hands dirty as they get schooled on how to make meatloaf from scratch by pal (at the time) Martha Stewart.

While wrist-deep in a bowl of raw ground pork and beef, First Lady Melania Trump reveals that her husband likes to eat meat, fish, salad with tuna and tomatoes and pasta, but “not much vegetables.” Meanwhile, Trump gets put to work carefully making the ketchup spice mixture that glazes the loaf.

“This is fun! I’ve never done anything like this before, I like it!” Trump says, as Stewart suggests his next venture should be a cooking show with the First Lady.

“Oh, that is good looking,” Trump notes while eyeing a cooked loaf, which he quickly samples. “Mmm, it tastes just like my mother’s meatloaf, she used to do a great job,” he says.

Later, the happy trio stand side-by-side as they craft meatloaf sandwiches, which Stewart reveals is Trump’s favorite sandwich according to the now First Lady.

Armed with two slices of thickly-cut sourdough bread, they get cracking on assembling tapenade and meatloaf sandwiches. (Fun First Couple facts: Trump favors onions and pickles on his sandwich, but the First Lady doesn’t eat onions. Neither is a fan of artichokes.)

With sandwiches triumphantly complete, the First Lady sweetly notes, much to the audience’s laughter, “So he knows now how to do it, he could do it alone! And I could say, ‘Honey, I want some too, please make [one for] me.'”

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