From Jägermeister soup dumplings to anchovy gelato.

mario batali NBC tonight show
Credit: NBC / Getty Images

Honestly, we'd eat anchovy ice cream...just as long as we got to sit next to Ashton Kutcher for the duration of the tasting.

A few lucky celebs—or, well, "unlucky," depending on how you look at it—got to do just that when they filmed Wednesday's episode of The Tonight Show, in which Mario Batali challenged host Jimmy Fallon, Kutcher, Liam Payne, and Vanessa Hudgens to a game of "Secret Ingredient."

If you haven't witnessed the game before (Anthony Bourdain's previous appearance, by the way, is worth a watch), the rules go something like this: Each of the four players is required to taste a few different dishes, all of which are imbued with one unexpected, unconventional ingredient. As teased above, there is, for instance, a gelato made with anchovies. The celebrities' role is to determine what exactly they just ate, writing their hypotheses down on a large notepad.

And, as expected, the dishes aren't exactly delicious. There are spit buckets located beneath each contestant's chair for, um, obvious reasons, and toward the end of the clip, once the fishy gelato is eaten, Kutcher goes out of his way to stage an elaborate exit while clutching said bucket.

The fish dessert is just the tip of the iceberg, though; the dishes are all seasoned with something unsavory, to say the least. First come Shanghai soup dumplings with bean curd and...Jägermeister. Next, there's a gorgeous pizza bianco with veggies, cheese, and...marshmallow fluff. Each of the contestants has their own hilarious reaction to the dishes, ranging from mild disgust to overblown, dramatic repugnance.

As Fallon comments bluntly, “I’m gonna throw up." The host even chooses to wear his napkin on his head at one point, breathing heavily and looking comically outraged. Perhaps they should've try this untainted gelato recipe from Batali instead.

The game segment came after Batali told Fallon that he still visits the restaurant where he got his first cooking gig—Stuff Yer Face in New Brunswick, New Jersey. “Right then I was just trying to get through the shift and make sure my 32-inch waist was still 32," he joked.