In slow motion, of course.

By Clara Olshansky
Updated July 14, 2017
chocolate malted milk balls
Credit: bhofack2 / Getty Images

As it turns out, it's super entertaining to watch Maltesers get shot at high speeds at a variety of products, including fruits, soda cans, ping pong paddles, and vases. In this video, YouTubers Gavin Free and Daniel Gruch, a.k.a. Gav and Dan of the Slow Mo Guys, fire the malted milk balls through a air compressed cannon, and the results are kind of crazy. For reference, this cannon can shoot the malted milk balls at 900 m/s (over 2,000 mph), which is faster than certain guns shoot.

In the first trial, you can watch a Malteser get shot at a watermelon, hit it like a bullet, and burst it to smithereens. They go on to use more Maltesers, resulting in an even more satisfying watermelon explosion, and to break through harder and harder surfaces.

In these trials, they're trying to find out which surface is going to be the one that a Malteser can't break through. Makes sense, since the whole thing is sponsored by Maltesers. (As far as why it's Maltesers and not, say, Whoppers, well, the Slow Mo Guys are British, so there's that.)

The video is sixteen minutes long, so we won't blame you if you just want to skip to the highlights. For some serious visual stimulation, skip about 8 minutes in, when the malted milk ball flies through a vase filled with paint. Watching the slow motion colors fly, spill, and splatter through the air is pretty amazing. At 10:50, you can watch the malted milk balls break through three panes of glass. The moment when the ball first makes contact, when the shatter spreads across the surface, is totally gorgeous. For some serious meta action, you can also go to 12:10, where they fire a Malteser at a bucket of Maltesers.

Here's hoping the next big action movie features a shot of someone firing a high-speed malted milk ball to make a daring escape. For more cool shots of fast things happening in slow motion, you can check out the Slow Mo Guys' other videos. You'll find lots of paint explosions, fire, and splatters.