So smooth.

By F&W Editors
April 03, 2017
2014 FOX

ICYMI, everyone’s favorite sweary chef and TV personality Gordon Ramsay has been sitting in as the host of The Nightly Show, a new British talk show that rotates in a new host every week. Chef Ramsay, who in the past has been a solid late night guest on Jimmy Fallion’s Tonight Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live, has been doing his best to transition to the other side of the desk, but has produced some fairly intense (as late night comedy shows go) moments, like a prank in which he pretended to cut off his finger.

He ended his week-long run with a tried and true late night formula: having a pop star come on and sing some things that were not meant to be sung (see: Josh Groban singing Kanye West tweets or Lin-Manuel Miranda sings Donald Trump tweets or…you get the idea). Fortunately for Ramsay he has already supplied plenty of material for a bit like this with his constant berating of people on TV. And what better voice to sing out Ramsay’s insults than the smooth, sultry baritone of John Legend?  Check the video below to listen to Legend croon some of Ramsay’s greatest hits.

Ramsay, of course, has been popping up in different pop culture mediums more and more recently—taking on the role of Baker Smurf in the new Smurfs movie, using his twitter account to insult the food of complete strangers (at their request) and taking to YouTube to teach cooking classes. His stint as talk show host though seems to have come to an end for now. The Nightly Show is now on to its new host, British actor Bradley Walsh.