'Binging with Babish' prepares a feast fit for a Khaleesi.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated July 12, 2017
Courtesy of HBO

After a year hiatus, Game of Thrones finally returns to HBO this Sunday for season number seven. That audible buzz in the air? That’s not just excitement; that’s all your Game of Thrones-loving friends warming up their vocal chords so they’re ready to discuss everything GoT come Monday morning. The food and beverage world is getting ramped up for the premiere as well. Since the end of Season Six, we now have Game of Thrones wines, more Game of Thrones beers and everyone’s favorite film-and-TV-themed YouTube cooking show, Binging with Babish, has even decided to put out a Game of Thrones-themed episode.

As you’re hopefully aware of by now, Andrew Rea – the YouTuber behind Binging with Babish (that’s “Binge-ing,” not “Bing-ing”) – has already built quite a library of entertainment-related cooking videos. On Food & Wine, we’ve recently featured his takes on how to make McDonald’s Szechuan McNugget Sauce (as featured on Rick & Morty), Fried Chicken Lasagna & The Luther Burger (from The Boondocks) and Homer Simpson’s Moon Waffles.

For his exquisitely-timed Game of Thrones episode, Rea tackles three dishes featured in the epic fantasy series: Purple Wedding Pigeon Pie, Dothraki Blood Pie and Lemon Cakes. As usual, Rea walks you through every step of the process at a delightfully casual pace with plenty humorous asides alone the way, making his shorts almost as enjoyable as watching the shows they’re themed after. And for the detail-oriented, the recipes always follow in print at some point on his website.

Granted, all of Rea’s dishes are his own interpretations of these foods. But then again, Westeros and Essos are fictional fantasy lands anyway, so questioning the authenticity of his recipes would be about as futile as debating what happens in the show in general. (Cough.) Meanwhile, others might argue that, hey, there’s already an official Game of Thrones cookbook! Fair enough, but that was released over five years ago. If you haven’t already bored yourself making those recipes a hundred times, can you really consider yourself a fan?!