Kristian Nairn and Mayim Bialik star in SodaStream's latest ad campaign.

By Jillian Kramer
July 12, 2017
Courtesy of SodaStream

Hodor is back. But this time, he's not holding a door. Instead, he's holding bottles of waterlots of bottles of water. And his scene costar isn't a mob of blood-thirsty wights but Mayim Bialik, hell-bent on quenching thirst not with environmentally-unfriendly plastic water bottles but SodaStream's tap-to-sparkling water system.

It's all part of SodaStream's new video campaign dubbed, "The Homoschlepiens."

In the video, Bialik—who is a neuroscientist and environmentalist, in addition to a star on The Big Bang Theory—retells the tale of the last homoschlepiens to a group of children eager to hear stories of this unusual species, people who insisted on only drinking from bottles of water despite having many freshwater sources nearby.

Kristian Nairn, whom most people know as Hodor from Game of Thrones, is one of those homoschlepiens, seen throughout the video schlepping giant cases of water bottles from one cave to another. The children, sitting in the Museum of UnNatural History, listen in horror as Bialik describes Nairn's daily bottle rounds.

"Why did they live in the forest? Where did all the plastic bottles come from? None of it makes any sense!" a young boy yells at the end of the tale. And Bialik can't help but agree. "Exactly," she says. "It makes no sense." (And then she plugs SodaStream.)

In an email statement provided to Food & Wine, Bialik admitted she doesn't commit to many advertorials, but this one drew her attention because, "as a species, we have evolved so much, but much as we know plastic bottles pollute our environment and kill marine life, we continue to use them," she said. "Single-use plastic bottles should be a thing of the past and belong in a museum."

Nairn agrees. "The message of this video is so true: plastic bottles make no sense," he said. "I consider myself environmentally conscious, and I of course try to do my best to be as earth friendly as possible—so this concept really resounded with me."

In the same statement, Nairn also revealed what's on tap for him next—and it's not another commercial. "I think I'll put more focus on my DJ career, writing music, and continuing touring with Rave of Thrones," he said. Sorry, KFC commercial fans.