Now this is commitment to a role.

Rick & Morty
Credit: Courtesy of Adult Swim

When Rick & Morty creator Dan Harmon encouraged voice actor Justin Roiland to "method act" during recording of a recent episode, what he really meant was "get super wasted at work." And that's just what Roiland did.

For the fourth episode of Rick & Morty season 3, Rick needs to get drunk. Very drunk. So Roiland, Rick's voice actor, took at least five shots of tequila, and there's a video to prove it.

Why tequila? Because Sydney Ryan, an associate producer on the show, told him specifically not to have tequila. Ryan also called this recording session "by far the least productive and messiest record day we've ever had," to which Dan Harmon so graciously replied, "Oh, did you hear it? It's a tiny violin. Did you have to wrangle Justin for the performance of a lifetime?"

In Ryan's defense, she had to put up with such non-sequiturs from Roiland as "I hear a bunch of screaming demons. Is that just me?" and "What happens when we die? What happens when we all die?" You've got to admire his commitment—Roiland is so dedicated to the craft of acting, to providing us all with a convincing inebriated Rick Sanchez voice, that he was willing to get super drunk and goof around for a full work day. The word hero comes to mind. In fact, he's so committed to his craft that he doesn't shy away from self-criticism. When a take sounded wrong to him, he humbly admitted, "See, that sounds too sober." (It did not sound too sober.)

Harmon, who wasn't in the room for the recording itself, commented, "I understand things got a little...creative." Yep. Creative.