It's called the 'Murica Knife.

By Joey Skladany
March 17, 2017
© Green Beetle / YouTube

If you're looking for something to cut up your Quarter Pounder, look no further than Youtube Green Beetle's latest fast food-inspired creation: The 'Murica Knife.

The Tums and iron-based cutlery with a bacon and french fry handle is handmade in a mesmerizing 14-minute video that also proves you probably know nothing about the science of knife-making. 

Green Beetle's master blacksmith Steve takes viewers through the painstakingly detailed process of creating a knife from start to finish. From chemical mixes and extreme cooking to welding, buffing and dipping the scalding-hot knife in beer, it's a unique and educational look at the time and effort that goes into something so beautifully simple. 

Also, for YouTubers who can't get enough of the ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) trend, this vid ticks all the boxes with the repetitive sounds and soft speaking that puts our busy minds at ease. 

Check out the clip below.