It's about as profane as you'd imagine.

Gordon Ramsay Explains Why He's So Brutal Toward Home Cooks on Twitter
Credit: Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage

Ever wanted to be as cruel as Gordon Ramsay when it comes to criticizing other people's cooking? Now you can. In this helpful (and satirical) video, Ramsay teaches us how to be a total asshole when we're describing foods.

He calls it "The Gordon Ramsay Academy of Kitchen Outrage." Spoiler alert: it's pretty much all just a bunch of profanity, coupled with occasionally violently throwing food. The real highlight of the video is Ramsay leading his disciples in a chorus of "Why don't you go fuck yourself, you pretentious asshole?"

The video is part of a promotion for Ramsay's new show, The F Word, which is going to air on Fox on May 31st. It advertises a sweepstakes where the prize is flying out to L.A., meeting the master of food-related profanity himself, and getting to eat the food made on the show. For this contest, Ramsay partnered with Omaze, a company that organizes sweepstakes for charitable organizations. The proceeds go to Great Ormond Street Hospital, a children's hospital, so basically Ramsay's teaching people to be jerks for the betterment of the world.

The video offers helpful tips, like how to properly scream that a meal is shit, or how to call something a plate of shit in French. As Ramsay says in the video, "By the end of our time together, trust me, you'll be able to roast any dish, anywhere, at any fucking time." In fact, by the end of the "lesson," Ramsay's pupils have excelled beyond mere verbal expressions of disgust, until they're just throwing stuff and beating each other up. You know, for charity.