OK, maybe the mark was a little soft, but hey, a record’s a record.

New Gordon Ramsay interview
Credit: Roy Rochlin / Contributor / Getty Images 

Gordon Ramsay’s latest television project, The F Word, finished its first season last night on Fox and a team of military wives was crowned victorious, taking home $100,000 after beating out their competition with surf and turf and truffled mashed potatoes. The F Word has been a bit of a left turn for Ramsay. The high-strung British chef found joy in things other than comparing contestants to farm animals and performing stress tests on his own brain. Instead he high fived children, sabered Champagne with Eva Longoria and seemed to genuinely enjoy the food coming out of the kitchen. Ramsay also riffed on a recurring theme from earlier in the season, attempting to break a Guinness food record live on national television. Up this week: pasta.

With a Guinness official (wearing an emblazoned Guinness blazer, so you know he’s the real deal) looking on, Ramsay rolled and stretched pasta dough. The goal: To create a sheet of pasta longer than three feet, three inches in 60 seconds. And, SPOILER ALERT: Ramsay’s pasta sheet came in at four feet, nine inches, a new world record.

Watching though, one couldn’t help but think, ‘really, the longest pasta ever rolled was only three feet long?’ It’s the sort of mark that gives us all hope that we might be able to find our own Guinness Record to break.

And while this record had some season finale drama to it, this was not Ramsay’s first brush with Guinness greatness on the show. An earlier episode had him fileting a fish in record time, while other episodes featured guests breaking records for things like grape stomping and watermelon dicing. We’re sure you always wondered who had the grape stomping record, now you know it’s Martina Sevarty.

If you have your own talent, pasta rolling, grape stomping or otherwise, you can apply to have a blazer wearing official come record you on the Guinness website.

As for Ramsay, he’ll be back berating people on Masterchef through the end of September.