This kitty is ready for a job in a bakery.
cat watching youtube
Credit: TongRo Images Inc / Getty Images

Remember that movie Cats & Dogs from 2001, where a bunch of cats tried to take over the world? No? Well anyway, that movie might have been more prescient than you don't remember. Turns out, cats are pretty quick learners: in this video, a cat picks up the motions of kneading dough just from watching an online video tutorial. And, hey, if it can learn how to knead dough from watching an YouTube video, can we be so sure that it won't be able to learn from videos like How to Take Over the World 101?

In the video, the cat stares at the iPad screen, transfixed while also mimicking the way the person's hands knead the dough, (but instead of kneading dough, the cat kneads the pillow it's sitting on). If you want to learn to knead dough like that kitty, check out the video the cat was watching, "How to Knead Dough". You may recognize the person in the video as the kitty's muse (mews?) when you see the bright yellow apron. It's literally so easy that even a cat could do it. (Okay, so maybe this feline is just pawing at the pillow and happens to be sitting in front of an iPad with a dough video on it. Don't ruin our fun!)

Actually, a cat baker may be just what the world needs. There's something super appealing about the combination cats and food. For example, what about Harajuku's cat café? Imagine how much better the café would be if the cats were there both to keep you company and to prepare the food.

There's also that cat Maro who got famous on Instagram just for wearing a chef's hat sometimes. If that's how famous a cat can get just for pretending to be a chef, think about the success an actual cat baker could get. Or what about Jun from Jun's Kitchen's cat, Kohaku, who once oversaw Jun while he made an omelet? That's got nothing on actually preparing the food yourself.