First they made the “cookbook to end all cookbooks.” Now, the people behind Modernist Cuisine have whipped up the gingerbread house to end all gingerbread houses.

Taking some inspiration from Barcelona’s Gaudí-designed modernist masterpiece Casa Batlló, a team associated with the renowned cookbook attempted to recreate architect Antoni Gaudí’s famous structure entirely in edible gingerbread form.

Constructing the building’s iconic stained glass appeared to be the biggest challenge. According to the people behind the video, the windows were made from Jolly Ranchers, “created by crushing the candies with a meat cleaver, placing the shards in each window of the gingerbread façade and then baking it on a Baking Steel, topped with a Silpat, in our bread oven. The radiant heat from the top of the oven melts the Jolly Ranchers without burning the bottom of the gingerbread.” That’s some next-level gingerbread housing there.

The entire project seems to have a similar attention to detail. The walls were laser-cut from a blueprint. The entire building can be safely eaten, from the edible gold luster dust to the rice-paper snowflakes. And to add that final holiday flair, the whole cookie structure was given a powdering of tapioca maltodextrin.

Makes me wish someone spent that much time building my apartment. Though, to be fair, it probably tastes nowhere near as good.