The YouTube star makes Ralph Wiggum's Grilled Crayon Sandwich with the help of Good Mythical Morning's Rhett & Link.
close up on grilled crayon sandwich
Credit: Courtesy of Good Mythical Morning

Bob Belcher, Remy the Rat… Ralph Wiggum? When it comes history's greatest animated chefs, one of The Simpsons' strangest characters is most likely not what you're thinking of, but that hasn't stopped Binging with Babish host Andrew Rea, whose YouTube channel usually recreates slightly more appetizing food from fictional media, from bringing to life one of Ralph's most infamous recipes: The Grilled Crayon Sandwich.

Appearing in The Simpsons season 16, episode 2, "All's Fair in Oven War," the Grilled Crayon Sandwich is Ralph Wiggum's entry into the Auntie Ovenfresh Bakeoff. But though in the show the recipe is rejected, Rea adds the backup of two extra hands—those of YouTubers Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal of daily comedy talk show Good Mythical Morning, in order to execute the recipe IRL.

Rhett & Link, whose channel hosts this special crossover episode, do the actual cooking by reaching through Rea's arms, which seems a fitting enough way to pull off anything inspired by Ralph Wiggum. And if you're wondering: yes, the chefs do use actual crayons—as Rea narrates, they're "cooking with an irresponsible amount of children's art supplies, and testing the limits of the term non-toxic."

First, while Ralph's version appears to use a store bought white Pullman loaf as a base, he didn't exactly do very well in the Overnfresh Bakeoff, so the YouTubers opt for a rustic, sturdy country loaf from a local bakery "that will stand up to the wax." After slicing, they slather on mayo to help keep the wax from getting stuck in your throat, then add some horseradish-y dijon. This, Rea says, is because crayons neutral flavor coats the palette in a way similar to fat, so any acid or spice will really carry the dish.

Next, they say, pick out a few ripe crayons. While color doesn't matter, you can recreate the original combo from The Simpsons episode by using bright yellow, orange, red, light blue, lavender, and pink. After salting, they cook each side in an "ungodly amount" of butter and try it, to results you can see for yourself. Fortunately, they do eschew one element of the original recipe entirely, though finding out which one is an experience better served by watching.