With his new show, Zimmern provides thoughtful instructions, tips and techniques for dishes inspired by both his travels and his family.

Max Bonem
Updated July 07, 2017

Andrew Zimmern: chef, writer, TV host, producer and four-time James Beard Award winner. To add to that ever-expanding resume of excellence, Zimmern is launching his own online cooking show entitled AZ Cooks, which brings the world traveler somewhere we've rarely seen him in the past—the kitchen.

The new series, which premiers Tuesday, July 11th on his website and Facebook page, will air two to four new videos each week and will tackle dishes near and dear to Zimmern’s heart, like Tostones, Chicken Tagine, Key Lime Pie, Mussels fra Diavolo and Grilled Octopus with Frisée Salad to name a few.

While Zimmern is best known for traveling the world and eating foods that many of us wouldn’t quite have the stomach for, AZ Cooks will focus much more on cooking tips and instructions. The series includes how-to-videos on everything from how to properly prepare artichokes, breadcrumbs, ginger and lemongrass to how to break down an entire salmon. Additionally, with AZ Cooks, Zimmern is aiming to introduce viewers to classic dishes and family favorites, along with empowering cooks of all skill levels by demystifying foreign and often intimidating dishes inspired by his travels.

For the the first exclusive clip from the series (seen above), Zimmern makes an Asopao with Chicken and Shrimp, a dish that fits perfectly with Zimmern's love of cross-cultural cuisine. "The asopao is a one-pot meal that is Trinidad-inspired, but it fits neatly into the Flo-ribbean cooking genre," he says. "The southeastern zeitgeist is all about Creole and Amer-Indian style meeting Florida’s amazing multiple growing seasons and all of the Gulf’s impressive bounty from the sea, sky and land.”

Outside of his new online series, Zimmern continues to stay busy on broadcast TV as well. Just last month, he announced he was filming a new show on The Travel Channel entitled The Zimmern List. According to Eater, the series will mix Zimmern’s personal reflections on the foods that he loves with info about the people who make them and the places where they are served. This is all further proof that Zimmern might just be the busiest person in food and travel television (sorry, Bourdain).