"Wasted! The Story of Food Waste" premieres next month.
sneal peak at anthony bourdain documentary
Credit: Jason LaVeris / Getty Images

As we've become increasingly aware of the kinks present in our food system, food waste has dominated the discussion as a dire problem in need of our attention. In a new documentary, Wasted! The Story of Food Waste, to be released October 13, Anthony Bourdain, and big-name chefs like Dan Barber, join the imperative conversation once again. From Zero Point Zero, the same producers as Parts Unknown, the film zeros in on nose-to-tail farming and the pursuit of limiting excessive waste in the food industry.

In a newly-released clip, Bourdain asks “what would a truly sustainable plate of food look like?” And it turns out, it looks pretty delicious, at least when Dan Barber is cooking it. Barber has experience after all. He recently turned his Michelin-star restaurant Blue Hill into a waste-focused pop-up called wastED. There he served fried skate wing cartilage, pasta trimmings, and charred pineapple core, and invited guest chefs like Mario Batali and Danny Bowien. Alongside mouth-watering meats and bubbling fish stew, the teaser shows the chef artfully plating what appear to be lima beans and stirring cauliflower.

It’s important to note that some of the world’s iconic cultural dishes are in fact, products of waste. For instance, prosciutto di Parma in Italy comes from a waste-fed pig. French Bouillabaisse is technically a fish-waste stew. But we don’t view these items as waste because, according to Barber, “They’re not sold as waste, they’re sold as what they are, which is delicious dishes.” Really, when it comes down to it, the issue is all about changing our perception into “an expanded definition of what waste means,” says Bourdain.

Just yesterday, CNN announced the eight destinations to be featured in Parts Unknown season 10. They include everywhere from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Lagos, Nigeria with many stops in between. The new season premieres October 1.