Our nation's capital consumes more rosé per capita than anywhere else in the country.

dc drinks the most rose wine
Credit: bhofack2 / Getty Images

We've all heard stories about how high-powered happy hours and late-night drinking sessions are part of what keeps the political machine in our nation's capital running. But according to a recent report on American wine buying habits, the politicos in Washington D.C. have apparently been adding one of the trendiest wines in the country to their drinking repertoire: Rosé.

According to data released by the wine discovery platform Wine Access, rosé is the fastest growing wine varietal in the U.S., with sales jumping from just one in every 510 bottles in 2015 to one in every 36 bottles in 2017—and nowhere in the country is that thirst for rosé as large as it is in Washington D.C. Wine Access says our country's capital drinks more rosé per capita than anywhere else in the nation, "consuming eight times more of the light pink wine than the State of California." (Though to be fair, California probably isn't the best comparison seeing as the state is flush with options compared to other parts of the country.)

Martin Vigderhouse, the owner of Martin's Wine and Spirits in Dupont Circle, told D.C.'s WTOP that he believes rosé's success is being driven by a new generation. "The younger people seem to grab it first because everybody is bringing it to parties," he said. "I think it looks refreshing in the glass, and it's a wonderful stand-alone thing. It's not something you have to have with food because it is so light and crisp and clean and refreshing."

On another political note, Wine Access also said their data shows that Democratic-leaning states drink more imported wine than those that lean Republican. "Twice as many blue states prefer imported wines over domestic wines," the report says. So next time you find yourself in one of those high-powered, D.C. happy hours, remember to uncork Cotes de Provence for the Democrats and a maybe an old fashioned White Zinfandel for the Republicans. Then everyone should walk away completely happy.