Brooklyn assemblyman Felix Ortiz thinks that New Yorkers are ingesting too much salt. So, as a favor to us, he's proposed a bill that would ban the use of all salt in the preparation of food at restaurants. (Even Mayor Bloomberg is only aiming for a 25 percent reduction over the next five years, as Eater reminded us.) Now, even the most salt-happy among us—and I put myself in that group—recognize that some restaurants consistently serve over-salted food. But, if Mr. Ortiz has his way, we can all say goodbye to some now-quintessential NYC foods: the sweet-salty City Bakery chocolate chip cookie, Locanda Verde's creamy ricotta finished with flecks of sea salt, even street-vendor pretzels. While I am certain restaurant-goers would be shocked at the amount of salt that goes into their food, I cannot imagine a world without these dishes. Can you? I hereby declare this bill utterly ridiculous. Who is with me?

Here, F&W recipes that celebrate the power of salt:

Salt Cod Croquettes

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