Ordering fried chicken and a bloody Mary are most likely to get you that second date, according to the dating app Hinge.  

Best food for dates
Credit: tinnapong / Getty Images

Have you ever been self-conscious about what to order at a restaurant during the first date? Maybe you’re worried you’ll look bad chewing with your mouth full, or that your date will think you have bad taste. Well, put your mind at ease: A new study has discovered that the perfect first date food is fried chicken.

The new survey, conducted by the dating app Hinge asked 8,000 of their members living in five U.S. cities to describe what kinds of first dates lead to a second try.

The most successful first date strategy, according to the survey, is to suggest grabbing a drink – pretty obvious. The Hinge survey is extra helpful in this regard too: They asked which drink order would make them more inclined to consider a second date. 50 percent of respondents said if their date ordered a bloody Mary they’d likely see that person again; only 27 percent said beer would get the same result. Best to avoid tequila: Only 20 percent of people said they’d go out again with their date again if he or she ordered tequila.

Meanwhile, only 27 percent of respondents said that suggesting a formal dinner on the first date would be met with approval.

If you and your date do decide to go out for a bite, suggesting fried chicken is most likely to get you that second date, while only 15 percent of people said grabbing a slice of pizza would likely to lead to further outings. Too casual, perhaps?

They also broke down the best types of dates by city: In New York City and Los Angeles for instance, most people want to go to a movie or a show on the first date, but in Boston and Chicago, singles prefer an outing to the park.

So what can you take away from all this information? The ideal first date might just be seeing a movie, followed by a couple drinks and casually splitting a basket of fried chicken.

It’s a win-win: Find true love and eat crispy, juicy fried chicken, at the same time.