By FWx Editors
Updated March 02, 2016

Long before anyone was handing out paid drinking internships, Bob Roberts PhD was giving college students a different sort of education in edible vices. Dr. Bob is a professor of food science at Penn State University who teaches ice cream—the what, they why and certainly the how. For a quarter century Roberts has helped ice cream pioneers who would go on to work for places like Nestle and Ben & Jerry’s learn how to make the most delicious frozen desserts possible.

He teaches Ice Cream 101 and Ice Cream Short Course in State College (although why anyone would choose to take a shortened version of an ice cream class is beyond us) and YouTube channel Great Big Story got to step inside Roberts’ classroom. The best part, other than the ice cream you probably eat cartons of during the semester, is the reading material. There is probably no other department in the world that includes a book called A Month of Sundaes in the syllabus. It’s enough to make you consider going back to school.

But I wonder if he could teach an elective on how the Mister Softee trucks should play something besides Turkey in the Straw.