The one-pot wonder does so many things it’s kind of ridiculous.
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Instant Pot DUO60 6 Qt 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

Attention anyone dreaming of owning an Instant Pot (so, everyone, right?): You have another chance to snag one of these nifty gadgets (it's a pressure cooker, slow cooker, and rice cooker, and sears and sautés all in one). Walmart just slashed the price of its Instant Pot DUO60 — and right now the deal may be even better than Black Friday.

At Walmart, the six-quart Instant Pot DUO60 is on sale for $60 — 40% off the regular price of $100 — with free shipping for online orders. We’re unsure when this amazing discount will expire, and it’s possible they could sell out.

Instant Pot DUO60
Credit: Courtesy of Walmart

To buy: $60 (originally $100);

We've written about the Instant Pot pretty extensively, but here's a little refresher on some of the (many, many) ways you can use it: It takes the effort out of achieving creamy risotto (or whips up light and fluffy grains in less than 10 minutes, depending on the settings), makes juicy, tender spareribs, steams vegetables to a crisp-tender, and can prepare hearty stews. And as you may already know, the Duo includes a low-pressure setting, which means you can make your own yogurt and desserts like cheesecake.

If you secretly want to be the type of person who cooks batches of food on Sundays for the following week — from chili and pulled pork to a whole chicken — but you’re on a tight schedule, using an Instant Pot is kind of like working alongside a very quiet, efficient sous chef. After you add your ingredients and pick a setting, you're free to go about your business until dinner is ready.

    By Elisabeth Sherman and Katie Macdonald