A special app allows drinkers to view the augmented reality feature.

walking dead wine
Credit: Courtesy of Treasury Wine Estates

Officially-branded wines—whether they’re tied to movies or TV shows or Hello Kitty—are a bit of an odd proposition. Wines are supposed to be about things like terroir and vintages and pedigree—not about “Oh, cool, Peyton Manning’s number is on that bottle!” It’s not to say these wines can’t still be good; it just always feels like a bit of a contradiction. But even if you’re not sure whether you should trust what’s inside of the bottle, a new line of wines from The Walking Dead makes what’s on the outside almost worth the price: When viewed through a special smartphone app, these labels come alive, showing figures from the series in action.

These new The Walking Dead wines—marketed by The Last Wine Company and produced by Treasury Wine Estates—are not the first for the popular comic book and television series. Last year, the TV network AMC and wine brand Lot18 released its own collection of wines inspired specifically by the TV series. Meanwhile, this newer collection—which features a Blood Red Blend and a Cabernet Sauvignon—was created in a partnership with Skybound Entertainment, the company which launched the original comic book. But though the two Walking Dead wine collections are similar in name, these latest bottles offer something the AMC/Lot18 collection doesn’t: labels featuring “augmented reality” technology.

Once drinkers have downloaded the “Living Wine Labels” app from the App Store or Play Store, they can view the wine label through their smartphone to watch it come to life. “The Blood Red Blend sports an image of Sheriff Rick Grimes staring down the undead. When the app is launched and pointed at the label, Sheriff Rick fights off the ‘walkers’ in the wine aisle,” The Last Wine Company explains in a statement. “The Walking Dead Cabernet Sauvignon label features a horde of zombies, and when the Living Wine Labels app is launched and pointed at the bottle, they break out of the label onto the phone screen. Pointing the app at both labels, when the bottles are side by side, triggers the characters to fight each other.”

Both bottles are available nationwide now.