The two-foot-wide wooden box weighs 33 pounds in total including nearly nine pounds of meat.

beef bento box
Credit: Courtesy of Gochikuru

Japanese wagyu beef is some of the most coveted meat in the world. Wagyu has become a hot designation on high-end restaurant menus, and in particular, Kobe beef, which comes from a specific breed of Wagyu cattle, is all the rage for carnivores looking to really splurge. And speaking of splurging, if you’re interested in taking a wagyu beef crash course, a new bento box unveiled in Japan is packed with all the beef you and a few other diners can handle—that is, assuming you can also handle the $2,600 price tag.

The Tottori Wagyu Complete Cow bento from new lunch delivery service Gochikuru contains nearly nine pounds of premium wagyu beef from the Tottori Prefecture which, according to SoraNews24, has been rated by the Wagyu Registry Association as the highest-quality beef in Japan. That probably explains why this indulgent bento will set you back 292,929 yen—or right around $2,600.

But that price tag offers more than just a casual wagyu tasting: This bento box is an entire Japanese beef experience. First, the actual box—which is nearly two feet wide, constructed from solid wood and weighs about 33 pounds when filled—has compartments in the shape of a cow with each one approximately corresponding to the cut of beef it contains including prime rib, tenderloin, sirloin tip, brisket, chuck tender, tongue and temple. Second, beyond the beef, all the foods in the box fit a Tottori theme: The meat is served atop Tottori-grown Kinu Musume rice and the seasonings and sauces also included Tottori-grown ingredients like pears and wasabi.

If all this talk of beef is causing you to crave a bento box impulse buy, we have good and bad news. The bad news is that orders should be placed two weeks in advance, which leaves the good news that you’ll have plenty of time to re-evaluate your decision to spend over two grand on a box of beef. Oh, and you have to go to Japan to get your box as well, but hey, if this is up your alley, you probably already have the private jet waiting.