The DeKalb County Waffle House has broken out a "no water" menu.

the waffle house
Credit: © Bloomberg / Getty Images

There's a water main break in DeKalb County, Georgia, and it's bad enough to cause flooding, school cancellations and a boil water advisory. For whatever reason, though, one Waffle House is not slowing down. According to a tweet by local Atlanta radio host Mark Arum, the DeKalb County Waffle House has broken out a "no water" menu, with a much more limited selection than its usual.

"We are only able to serve a very limited menu during this time," says the suitably all caps "NO WATER MENU," which is printed on a small piece of regular white paper. And no, that no water menu does not include waffles. But it does offer entrees that include the ¼ lb. Angus Hamburger, a Grilled Chicken Sandwich—with (where available) in parentheses, whatever that means in this context—a Sausage Sandwich, Grilled Ham Sandwich, Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Sausage Biscuit, as well as sides of Sasuage or City Ham. So not all is lost for Waffle House customers. (Historically, the chain has always prided itself on staying open, no matter what.)

Strangely, the beverages section of the menu still includes "All Beverages," so either Waffle House has some bottles or cans around, or something much more mysterious is going on. Waffle House News, the official news twitter account for Waffle House, actually did reply to Arum's tweet saying simply that, "You gotta do what you gotta do to keep feeding folks..."

But in response to another very valid question of "How y'all washing dishes ?" the house that Waffle built thankfully explained that they are using to-go utensils and plates. If you're dedicated enough to go to Waffle House during what seems to be a relative state of emergency, that's something really worth thinking over, but either way, you might also want to check out the chain's own dedicated record label, and maybe get some of that Waffle House vibe in your own home instead.