Waffle House Is Finally Selling Waffle Mix Online

Any house can be a Waffle House now.

If you search online for "Waffle House waffle mix," you'll get dozens of results for copycat versions, for so-called "secret recipes," and from Pinterest pages that promise to deliver waffles that are just as good as what you could get underneath one of the Georgia chain's iconic striped awnings.

Waffle House is an American restaurant chain predominately
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As someone who is a legit member of the Waffle House Regulars Club, and someone who has tried at least a half-dozen times to recreate those waffles, I can tell you that there's absolutely no substitute for the real thing. But—good news!—now you can bring the best part of the Waffle House into your own kitchen, without having to make do with half-hearted copycats or mediocre imitations.

"Keep the Waffle House experience alive in your Waffle Home," the Waffle House posted on its social media accounts on Wednesday morning. "For a LIMITED TIME we are now featuring Waffle Mix and Waffleopoly on shopwafflehouse.com!"

That's right: the Waffle House is finally selling bags of its legendary Sweet Cream Waffle Mix online. Each three-pack of waffle mix costs $20, and each individual bag has enough batter to make five or six waffles. (Each bag would probably make one ridiculous mega-waffle too. Dream big!) The only other ingredients you'll need to have on hand are an egg and a half-cup of half-and-half.

The Waffle House's online shop also recently added five-packs of its own 100% Arabica bean coffee ($10), and authentic Waffle House-logo coffee mugs ($9.50), so you're just a scattered, smothered, and covered plate of hash browns from being able to recreate the whole vibe at home. (You're on your own for that recipe.)

Although the Waffle House has taken the near-unprecedented step of closing more than 400 of its restaurants due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, more than 1,500 of its locations are still open and serving carryout orders. For the entire month of April, you can get four meals to go for $25, a takeout-only deal that is good for any combination of All Star Specials and Hashbrown Bowls. (The Waffle House is currently adding a 10 percent service charge to all of its to-go orders, which will be given to the hard-working staff that prepares those meals.)

There not be a lot of good news going around right now, but being able to fix a giant stack of Waffle House waffles in my own kitchen totally qualifies.

Update: Waffle House has sold out of their waffle mix. The company said in a tweet that they are working to restock it.

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