Waffle House Is Serving Beer for the First Time Ever

Ironically enough, the booze-slinging location doesn't have any waffles.

Waffle House
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Plenty of restaurant chains don't bother with the headaches of selling alcohol. But if they ever have a change of heart and do give booze a try, the move almost always gets people excited. Last year, Taco Bell garnered plenty of buzz by announcing plans to add alcohol at over 300 locations. Similarly, a few years back, a Denny's in New York grabbed headlines by offering high-end cocktails (though that outpost eventually shut down). Now, another well-known American diner has just made its first foray into alcohol, but this new opening comes with a catch (and some hits, walks and strikeouts).

For the first time, a Waffle House is serving beer—but don't expect to turn your go-to after-party spot into your new go-to drinking spot… that is, unless you have Atlanta Braves tickets. This new Waffle House location serves beer is because it's peppered among the concession options within Atlanta's SunTrust Park baseball stadium.

Located in Section 130, the officially-named World Famous Waffle House Hashbrowns Cart opened earlier this week serving a limited menu of food and beverages including two types of cold brews. According to the official Waffle House Facebook page, it is "the 1st and only Waffle House location now serving beer," and, as an answer to your obvious follow-up question, the social media account also states, "We have no plans to bring it to our [other] locations. It is sold here because it is in Suntrust Park."

Ironically enough, though this new location has beer, what it doesn't have is any waffles. The cart only sells three items: a Cheesesteak Melt Hashbrown Bowl, a Grilled Chicken Melt Hashbrown Bowl, and Double Hashbrowns, which can be accentuated with toppings like grilled onions, American cheese, chunked ham, jalapeno peppers or Bert's chili. Then, as far as beer is concerned the cart only offers Miller Lite or Coors Light.

So in the end, it's probably best the Hashbrown Cart doesn't sell waffles. They wouldn't pair properly with a domestic pale lager anyway; you want something dark and malty to really meld with the flavors of that maple syrup! Meanwhile, if the Waffle House Facebook post is to be believed, the new cart has something even better to make it up to you… Waffle House beer koozies!

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