“This is the greatest cookie sheet of all time. Of. All. Time.”

By Katie Macdonald
Updated September 04, 2019
Courtesy of Amazon

Name a better smell than cookies fresh from the oven. I’ll wait. Yeah, didn’t think so. But the secret to perfectly-baked, never-burnt baked goods has nothing to do with the ingredients. Like most things in life, success relies on a great support system, which, in this case, is a baking sheet.

There are two main types of baking sheets: rimmed and unrimmed. While rimmed sheets are great multitaskers (think roasted vegetables and chickens as well as sweets), many professional bakers love unrimmed sheets for their exceptional air circulation and streamlined design. When we tested a lineup of eight top-rated cookie sheets, our absolute favorite unrimmed sheet was the impressive Vollrath Wear-Ever Cookie Sheet. And right now, you can snag one of your own for 23 percent off!

Made of heavy 10-gauge aluminum, the sheet heats quickly and evenly, meaning there’s no chance of it warping or buckling in the oven. Plus its two curved edges make it easy to grip, so you can rotate those cookies for golden perfection.

Courtesy of Amazon

To buy: $24 (originally $33); amazon.com

In our test, we loved how sturdy this workhorse was (it was the heaviest we tried!). But we aren’t alone in singing its praises — the Vollrath Wear-Ever has nearly 400 perfect five-star reviews on Amazon.

“I am hard on my cookware,” writes one customer who has used the sheets for nine years. “I wash these sheets by hand (mostly) but not gently. I've been known to let them soak for days in a full sink and even use the steel wool from time to time. Also, I store them upright, sandwiched tightly in between other baking sheets and shallow pans. All of which is not recommended and has led to surface scratching and residue build up (pictured). Despite all of this abuse, these baking sheets are still perfectly straight, level, and show no signs of warping or separation. They also have never rusted (the brown spots pictures are from residue). Personally, I don't so much mind, as I bake with parchment paper. The incredible thing about these is that they are still evenly distributing the heat. That is what really matters.”

Another adds: “This is the greatest cookie sheet of all time. Of. All. Time. It is thick, solid, heavy duty, the perfect size, and rolled for easy grabbing on both ends. Cookies cook quickly and evenly, the sheet never flexes or warps under heat or while cooling. Also it's thick enough that you can probably use it as an improvised shield should a melee or a small-caliber gunfight in the kitchen erupt over who gets the last batch of cookies.”

And while we love the Vollrath Wear-Ever for cookies, it works just as well for breads, scones, pizzas, and more. (Need some inspiration? Head here for fall baking ideas!) One sheet typically costs $33, but right now you can get your own for just over $25. However, you should act fast — we don’t know how long this deal will last.