Credit: © Daniel Acker/Bloomberg/Getty Images

If someone tells you they want to eat something “magically delicious,” only one food hopefully comes to mind: Lucky Charms. And although the marshmallow-centric cereal isn’t actually very magical at all, there is something special about how well that jingle sticks in our collective conscious, and we have Arthur Anderson to thank for that.

Anderson wasn’t even Irish, but that didn’t stop him from voicing Lucky – the leprechaun mascot for Lucky Charms – during decades of memorable cereal commercials from 1963 to 1992. “People have expectations,” he told ABC News back in 2005. “I just have an Irish-sounding name.”

In actually, Anderson, who passed away in Manhattan on Saturday at the age of 90, was born on Staten Island, the son of Danish and English parents. His Irish accent was just one of many voices he honed working on radio shows in the ‘30s and ‘40s. Throughout his life, he continued working as an actor in every possible capacity, also appearing on TV, in movies and even on Broadway, but his most famous and, by his own admission, his most lucrative role was playing a cartoon leprechaun.

“I never got free cereal… but they gave me lots of green money,” Anderson quipped during the 2005 interview. But he said he enjoyed the work as well. “Hardly a day goes by when somebody doesn't ask me to sing the Lucky Charms jingle, and I'm proud of that.”

Sadly, Anderson won’t be singing the jingle any more, but he will live on forever… on YouTube – where your inner child can watch classic Lucky Charms commercials to your heart’s content.