Apparently, the famous pickle brand doesn’t want dill pickle-flavored potato chips getting all the glory.

By Adam Campbell-Schmitt
Updated April 19, 2019

Salty and sweet is a flavor combination that never seems to go out of style when it comes to snack foods. But in recent years, two other tastes have emerged as, at the very least, cult favorites, if not appealing to an even wider range of palates: Spicy and sour. For the former, you just have to look to the chip aisle where bright red Flamin’ Hot powder is coating just about every corn and potato product imaginable. And while sour has been a stalwart candy category, it’s also hitting chips in the form of lime, vinegar, and dill pickle flavors. (Heck, there’s even Flamin’ Hot Pickle Lay’s chips, hitting both of those fanbases!) But why settle for some dill pickle flavoring sprinkled on a chip when you can go for an actual pickle chip itself? No, not the sliced up, stackable kind found in jars of brine. In the near future, you’ll be seeing actual crispy chips made from real pickles.

At a recent investor event, Conagra Brands revealed its Vlasic brand is working on two new product innovations, USA Today reports. The first is individually wrapped pickle slices (as snacks or to keep your sandwich toppings separate until lunch we’d guess). The second is a “vacuum-fried” pickle chips, which end up as thin and crispy as their potato-based counterparts. Hey, if other brands can make chips out of beets and apples, why not?

Credit: marekuliasz/Getty Images

According to USA Today, a Conagra Brands representative assured the newspaper that while the pickle chips are indeed “in our innovation pipeline,” the product is still being developed, so a release date isn’t on the horizon just yet.

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