The two-minute clip shows the chef looking to tackle some larger issues on her upcoming series.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated August 01, 2019
Courtesy of Josh Woll/Markay Media

What do you do when your Daytime Emmy and James Beard award-winning PBS series wraps after five seasons? If you're Vivian Howard, you follow it up with another (hopefully equally as successful) PBS show. Howard's previous endeavor, the acclaimed A Chef's Life, aired its final episode last October, but before it was even officially over, the chef was already on to her next project for the network, called South by Somewhere, which will debut next year.

But for those in need of their Vivian Howard fix in the interim, good news, PBS has just released a two-minute "first look" at the upcoming new show — which the network says will "explore savory dishes uniting people and creating new traditions across the American South."

"I've always looked at food to help explain the world around me, so I started to seek out the dishes that connect us all," Howard says in the new trailer. "I made new friends, I met new teachers, and I became a better chef." The clip features some recognizable cameos, including fellow James Beard nominee Chef Edward Lee, but as Eater explains, this new show will spend more time looking at lesser known local chefs and home cooks. As Howard stated discussing the project last month, "Shooting South by Somewhere has made me look at what we call Southern food with a new set of spectacles… I'm excited that, as Southerners, we can tell these complex stories through food and culture, and not shy away from our past or present."

The trailer further hints at the idea that South by Somewhere will tackle deeper issues than just food. "I've spent my career cooking southern food, and we all know of this elephant in the room," the white chef says to a table of black diners, "and I have a platform. I'd like to share it." Needless to say, this program will certainly be more than your standard cooking show.