Two vastly differing viewpoints on the origins of your next meal:

1. As reported today on the blog Serious Eats, British artist James King's "Dressing the Meat of Tomorrow" at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City explores the notion of "disembodied cuisine," which is just as scary as it sounds. Definition: "A new tissue-engineering technique that makes it possible to grow edible meat in a laboratory from sample cells."

How it would work: "A mobile magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) unit scours the countryside looking for the most beautiful examples of livestock. The selected specimen is scanned from head to toe, and accurate cross-sectional images of its inner organs are generated... to create molds for the in vitro meat. We... might still want to re-create a familiar shape to better remind us where the 'artificial' meat came from."

2. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden's "Edible NYC: Green it! Grow it! Eat it!" event this Saturday, March 8th, will be all about back-to-the-land food choices—even for people who live in tiny apartments. Workshops will range from windowbox gardening to raising chickens and bees in the city.

I'll take urban-pastoral over laboratory-rustic anytime.