File this one in the not-sure-how-I-missed-it category. I was glancing at the results of Tom Wark's American Wine Blog Awards for this year—yeah, yeah, no awards hereabouts, it's a rough world, whatever doesn't kill me makes me stronger, pork is the other white meat, etc.—and clicked over to the winner of the "Best Wine Blog Graphics" award, Chateau Petrogasm. No idea when the founders got this blog going, but it's a hoot (and it's actually been written about on our site, too, but sometimes our purely online content appears without actual notice, just a poof of smoke in the virtual distance, in which case I miss it). In any case, anyone who can come up with a review this apt for Jean-Louis Chave's Offerus or this amusing for Yellowtail Shiraz/Grenache deserves an award of some kind, so I'm glass they got one.