David Chang owns his Webby acceptance speech, Padma Lakshmi lives her best barbecue life in Louisville, and the biggest McDonald's hash brown you've ever seen.

Most weeks the Internet is a bevy of odd and wonderful food finds, and this week is no exception. From a yoga class that incorporates pizza, to an epic fast food promposal, to a song about the extravagance of gilded chicken wings, here are some of the viral, curious, and downright funny things we've seen popping up our feeds this week.

David Chang’s Webby Acceptance Speech

On Monday, David Chang received a Special Achievement Award at the 22nd annual Webbys for excellence on the Internet. The ceremony has a tradition of five-word acceptance speeches to keep things moving. Chang expertly applied the rule with his succinct stigma-fighting statement, “MSG is good for you.”

Padma Lakshmi’s Epic Kentucky BBQ Haul

Season 16 of Top Chef is heading to Kentucky (more on that here), and it looks like host Padma Lakshmi has landed in the Bluegrass State to begin filming. Her first stop? Barbecue, of course. Check out her epic haul of all things meats at Louisville’s Feast BBQ.

McDonald’s Breakfast Anthem

McDonald’s is touting some changes to its breakfast menu (don’t worry, mostly in execution not actual items). To herald the upgraded McMuffins and such, the fast food chain got the guy who wrote the “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” jingle for Coca-Cola to create an anthem dedicated to McDonald’s breakfast.

Giant McDonald’s Hash Brown

Speaking of McDonald’s breakfast… Why shamefully order dozens of those irresistibly crispy and salty, oblong hash brown patties at the drive-thru when you can make one of your own? The two YouTubers behind HellthyJunkFood go head-to-head as they both attempt to create the perfect giant iteration of the classic McGriddle side dish. The best part? You can try it yourself!

Cube Croissants

Ok, croissants are perfect enough as is. But when they’re also in the shape of a perfect cube, they become a satisfyingly crispy and geometrically-pleasing treat. This one just went on the menu at Amano bakery and restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand. It’s filled with rhubarb jam and vanilla custard.